DPH Surveys was founded by David Hanniffy and is headquartered in Perth with satellite offices located around Australia allowing us the flexibility to service many states and regional locations.


What sets us apart from other surveying companies is our philosophy of partnership with both clients and employees now and over the long term.


Our aim is growing a sustainable company that delivers mutually beneficial results to our clients across their projects.


This partnership spirit extends into our processes of building and maintaining employee job satisfaction and high morale. We believe that investing in our crews and providing them with clear pathways to career progression enables the spirit of partnership from the inside of our organisation out.


Alongside our core philosophy of partnership, we boast an excellent track record of project delivery, quality and safety. One of the reasons for this is because we do invest in our crews and employees, instilling in our workforce a strong sense of safety, risk and quality.


At DPH Surveys we believe this is reflected heavily in our values:


Culture – we aim to provide an inclusive and fair work environment for our staff with opportunities for professional growth.


Service – by keeping up with new and emerging technologies we provide innovative strategies that deliver our clients value for money.


Commitment – our commitment to our clients and to our employees is evident in our spotless safety and quality record.