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Civil and Mine Infrastructure

DPH Surveys provide an end to end survey solution

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Delivering quality, value for money results now and over the long term. DPH Surveys is your project partner.


By providing a safe, inclusive and employee orientated working environment we are able to deliver great productivity and results. Our commitment to our people and clients is evident in our spotless safety and quality record.


DPH Surveyors and employees are held to the highest standard of professional etiquette and courstey. We expect our team to ingreate themselves with our clients for a seamless professional experience.


We keep on top of new and emerging technological trends and advancements. Ensuring we are utilising the best equipment for the job.

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DPH Surveys provide a range of  survey and spatial services, including; drainage construction, bridge construction, road formation and alignment, rail alignment, dimensional control, survey control points, as constructed surveys, project / site boundary survey and set outs, laser scanning, geodetic surveys, topographical surveys, fixed plant alignment and monitoring, machine control, earthworks, project audit surveys, concrete and SMP surveys. 

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Featured Projects

Project: KOTH Goldmine

Client: MACA

Bulk earthworks, Concrete & SMP

DPH Surveys have worked on a range of projects, providing high quality survey results to all of our projects.

We’ve worked across civil infrastructure projects like the Woodman Point Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade. The largest waste water treatment plant in WA, the upgrade increases  capacity to 180 million litres per day.

Our team have also supplied survey services to oil and gas projects on Varanus Island. Many of our team also bring with them extensive experience in oil and gas survey. 

Currently our projects span the Perth metropolitan, Pilbara and Goldfields. 

Project: MESA A/J

Client: Civmec

Concrete, SMP & GIS

Project: Eliwana

Client: Civmec

Concrete & SMP

Project: Tamworth Hill Pump Station

Client: GO

Earthworks, Feature Surveys & Set outs

Project: Eliwana

Client: Goodline

Concrete & SMP

Project: MESA J

Client: UGL

Concrete & SMP

Project: Boyle Lane

Client: GO

Earthworks, Feature Surveys & Set outs

Project: Woodman Point Waste Water Plant

Client: Civmec

Bulk earthworks, Dimension Control, Design, Concrete & SMP

Project: Woodman Point Waste Water Plant

Client: GO

Concrete & SMP

Project: Varanus Island

Client: Civmec

Bulk earthworks & Concrete

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DPH Surveys, Civmec, 2017, Energy Digital

"DPH Surveys is ahead of the mark after a growth filled year..."

Raising money for the RSPCA, DPH Surveys does the Million Paws Walk

"DPH Surveys positioned for growth is ahead of the mark..."


219/221 St George's Tce, Perth WA 6000



(08) 9480 3744

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DPH Surveys is a mid-sized survey company based in Western Australia. Our approach to planning and people ensure we are delivering quality survey at competitive prices. 

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